Kenya Bond Market Update: 25-May-2023

Published on
November 29, 2023

Tina Turner Thursday – That first Tap must have been so good, the CBK has brought back the FXD1/2023/3Yr via another Tap-Sale in a bid to secure KES 20Bn. The sale-period is short once again as it closes tomorrow, 26-May-2023, or upon attainment of KES 20Bn. Attached is the prospectus for all the required details.

Below is a snapshot of what is at play within the secondary market for your consideration. Happy hunting and tap-tapping!

Below are the two-way quotes for the benchmark tenors, two-way quotes for the infrastructure bonds and the key rates:

Kenya Bond Market

Attached are the bond positions available today and the Tap-Sale prospectus for the FXD1/2023/3Yr.

  1. Bond Positions
  2. FXD1/2023/3Yr