Kenya Bond Market Update: 18-Aug-2023

Published on
November 29, 2023

Friday Friday – Interest in T-bills remained high this week on the back of another healthy portion of incoming maturities. The CBK managed to lock in KES 43.579Bn in bids with interest remaining heavily skewed towards the 91D T-bill as investors continue to favour shorter-dated instruments. The 182D T-bill has been a focal point in terms of how the T-bill curve takes shape. After being the highest point last week, the 182D T-bill became the lowest point after its rate surprisingly dropped. Attached are the results in full for your perusal.

For the day’s trading activities, below is a snapshot of what is at play within the secondary market for your consideration. Happy hunting and weekending ahead!

Attached are the bond positions available today and this week’s T-bill auction results.

  1. Bond Positions
  2. T-bill Auction Results