Kenya Bond Market Update: 04-Sep-2023

Published on
November 29, 2023

Re-openings Galore – For September, the CBK goody bag will be bringing us two re-opened bonds for our bidding pleasure. The FXD1/2023/2Yr (1.9 years left) and the FXD1/2016/10Yr (2.9 years left) will be on auction as the CBK looks to secure KES 35Bn. The prospectus with all the required details has been attached for your perusal. For your trading activities for the week ahead, attached is the CBK weekly report to assist in your reading of the market while updated benchmark Yield Curve levels are ready for your perusal on the attached pricelist. I have also attached the NSE Implied Yields for the NSE’s valuations of all the treasuries. To bring it all together, below is a snapshot of what is at play within the secondary market for your consideration. Happy hunting!

Kenya Bond Markets

Attached are the bond positions available today, the NSE Implied Yields, the CBK Weekly Report and the Bond Auction Prospectus for September 2023.

  1. Bond Positions
  2. NSE Implied Yields
  3. CBK Weekly Report
  4. Bond Auction Prospectus